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About Our Pet Transport

Move My Pets Australia is a family-owned and operated business based in Melbourne, Victoria with over 40 years’ experience in the pet transport industry. 

Our passion for animals has led us here and our No.1 priority is the safety and comfort of your pet.

If you require local, regional or interstate travel we are able to assist you Australia wide. Having stops in all capital cities as well as regional areas along the route our prices are based on the central meeting points. 

We offer cat & kitten transport, dog & puppy transport. From the tiny breeds to the largest breed, Move My Pets Australia can help you with the transport of your new pet.

Affordable, Reliable & Safe Pet Transportation

Why Choose Move My Pets Australia?

We have over 40 years experience in the pet transport industry.

We provide you with one on one service from your first contact with us to through to the end of your pet’s destination.

Our purpose-built vans which are insulated & air conditioned offers comfort for your pet for the entire journey.

Our passionate and caring team ensures your pet has a safe & comfortable trip.

We offer you an affordable transportation solution.

Your pet is covered with complete travel insurance whilst on our transport.

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Itinerary for Local, Regional & Interstate Pet Transport

Where We Go

Move My Pets Australia travels all over Australia from Bourke to Barcaldine, Bairnsdale to Broken Hill.

We have regular trips up the east coast of Australia and inland up through the Hume Highway, New England Highway, Warrego Highway, and anywhere in between. We visit Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.

Delivery to your door can be arranged or at one of our central meeting points you may prefer. The choice is yours. Your new family member will be delivered safely, happily, and promptly.

We can also arrange delivery to the airport for your pet to catch a flight or pick up from the Quarantine facility located in Mickleham Victoria to your location/home.

Upcoming Trips

Pet Transport Calendar

VIC/NSWMelbourne-Albury-Yass1722254400 29th July 2024
NSW/QLDBallina-Paget1722340800 30th July 2024
QLDPaget-Cairns1722427200 31st July 2024
QLDCairns- Maryborough1722513600 1st August 2024
QLD/NSWMaryborough-Sydney1722600000 2nd August 2024
NSW/VICEastern Creek-Melbourne1722686400 3rd August 2024

Keeping Your Pet Safe & Comfortable

We Use Airline Approved Pet Carriers

At Move My Pets Australia we supply airline-approved Pet Carriers which are stabilized in our vehicle for safety ensuring your pet is secure for their trip. Our crates are sanitised and deep cleaned after each use.

We have several sizes available for all sizes of pet, small medium and large, ranging from:

Smallest crate size – suitable for a kitten or small pups such as Chihuahua or Cocker Spaniels, Cairn Terriers, West Highland Terriers, Daschunds, Cavaliers, Corgis or Toy Poodles 

Largest Crate Size – suitable for large breed dogs such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Malamute, Akita, Bernese, and Wolfhounds.

Your pet should be able to sit, stand and turn around in their crate comfortably.

movemypets airline pet carriers
Pet transportation

Your pet’s safety & comfort is our No.1 priority

Vaccination Policy

All pets no matter what age are required to be up to date with their vaccinations and before we transport your pets- you are required to provide a copy of the vaccination details.

The minimum requirement is a C3 vaccination which covers Hepatitis, Parvovirus & Distemper. Pups and dogs, cats & kittens at any age can contract disease, and keeping their vaccinations current keeps our precious cargo safe. Disease can be easily spread – and easily prevented.

Whether you have a working dog, a greyhound, an 8-week-old pup, or a 20-year-old cat, vaccination is a must with Move My Pets Australia. We take disease control very seriously as it can cause many issues.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Terri Potbury
Terri Potbury
13 April 2024
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I seriously cannot recommend Move My Pets Australia enough. We are breeders based in Queensland and our puppies have traveled Australia wide with MMPA. Each time the puppies have arrived to their new home their owners are surprised by how well rested, clean and happy the puppies are. I believe this is due to the vans being air conditioned along with cameras in place so that the animals are monitored during the trip.
Hellen S
Hellen S
9 April 2024
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I have been using Move-My-Pet for a while now to transport my pups and my retired dogs to their new homes. They give regular updates when travelling and go out of their way to accommodate requests for transport on a very short notice & out of the way places for pick up/drop off. I highly recommend Darryl & Belinda if you are looking for proffessional, caring & economic dog transport. TheSpanielProject :)
emma jones
emma jones
8 April 2024
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I couldn’t of asked for a better more affordable, safe pet transport. To get your love ones to and from their destination.
Angela Fooks
Angela Fooks
8 April 2024
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
These guys are absolutely amazing - I have used them several times for my transport and they always go above and beyond to accommodate any request and communication is always fantastic as well as the service and care to the puppies delivered - I wouldn’t use anyone else
Joy Palcon-Pangan
Joy Palcon-Pangan
6 April 2024
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Many thanks to Move My Pets Australia for transporting my boston terrier puppy from Melbourne to Canberra. They definitely have a very dedicated and professional approach, and is willing to help the customer with their requests and has a lot of empathy for people and animals alike. I would definitely recommend Move My Pets Australia to anyone who needs to transport their animal/s, and who is looking for a company and a person with fair and reliable approach, good communication, and willingness to do a good job...thank you.
Alana Crawford
Alana Crawford
1 April 2024
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As a registered breeder and a true animal lover I only want the best for my babies. Move My Pets Australia are the safest and most reliable company I have dealt with. Belinda and Darryl always go above and beyond to make the whole process so easy for everyone involved. I can rest easy knowing that my pups are being well cared for in a clean environment with plenty of breaks a long the way. Thanks again Belinda and Darryl 🐾
Denise Wardrop
Denise Wardrop
25 February 2024
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I recently had my puppy transported from NSW to Central Queensland & highly recommend Move my Pets kept up to date with progress of travel & puppies condition.
Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks
29 January 2024
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Can’t thank Belinda and the guys from move my pets Australia enough for the last minute booking and the quick and safe delivery of my French bulldog
Kate Sedgwick
Kate Sedgwick
6 October 2023
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Wow! What an amazing business & people to deal with. I’m am thrilled with the service we received from Darryl and Belinda from our initial inquiry right through to the drop off. They could not be more helpful and communicated to us throughout the whole process. We knew our dog was in safe hands. Highly recommend and would definitely use again, for sure. Thank you Darryl and Belinda for everything. You have been more than amazing!

Helpful Pet Transport Tips & Information

  • Ensure your pet is not fed 4-6 hours before travel as a full tummy can cause vomiting
  • For dogs, ensure they have a collar & lead fitted for their bathroom and walk breaks. Dogs are walked individually every 3-4 hours.
  • If you are supplying any medication for your pet’s trip, please ensure directions are written & is labelled with your pet’s name
  • If your cat is being transported, try to keep them inside as they will sense something is going on and may not return at their usual time
  • Ensure your pet is in good health
  • Most adult pets will sense your emotions – try and keep positive

Once your new pet arrives here are some helpful tips to assist your pet to settle in with ease.

  • When you arrive home, let your pet sniff around – let them sniff the yard or outdoor area at your home on a lead. If your dog goes to the toilet outdoors, give them a treat – it’s never too early to start toilet training
  • Make a space for your pet to go to if they are feeling overwhelmed. Have a bed/blanket for your pet and water for them in their own space
  • If your puppy/kitten is not fully vaccinated they are best to stay within your yard until 2 weeks after they have been fully vaccinated
  • Once your pet is fully vaccinated smaller trips/walks are best to gradually introduce them to new surroundings
  • If you have had a rescue pet transported, they can be extremely nervous and scared as they have potentially been through trauma, have had several owners/many other factors that can cause them to be anxious.
  • It is important to give them time & space and allow them to adapt to their new surroundings. Be patient with them
  • Routine & rules- pets love routine

If you have any concerns regarding your pet’s health or behaviour, contact your local vet or breeder from who the pup was purchased

Unfortunately, many people fall victim to puppy scams today more than ever. Social media and online advertising have created an opportunity for people to set up fake accounts with pictures of pets that may be taken off the internet or another advertisemenst up for sale. If you are unsure there are several things you should ask/do-
  • Check your breeder/seller’s details/registration number
  • Ask for referrals from previous buyers
  • Try and meet in person if possible
  • Speak frequently on the phone with your breeder/seller and request photos or Facetime showing your pets growth in different surroundings
  • Research average prices for your pet and have an agreed price/contract in place
  • If they are using our name- check with us we have your booking or we may have previously transported for them prior and are familiar with them
  • Visit the puppy scam awareness website
Puppy Scam Awareness Australia


Dogs, Puppies, Cats and Kittens are fully covered while on our Transports.
Insured by QBE

We Transport Pets All Over Australia!

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